Voting and Elections

May 28, 2024

Action Ridge’s Voting Committee organizedvoter registrations at the three D207 high schools during the month ofFebruary 2024.  We registered 400+ high school students who will turn 18by the General Election on November 5.  Our success stemmed from theefforts of a dedicated and talented group of volunteers from Action Ridgeand Spotlight Elevate Engage, and the support from the social sciencechairs and teachers from Maine West, Maine East and Maine South High Schools. We provided the volunteers, social media, posters and other importantinformation to prepare students to get ready for registering and voting - animportant civic duty.  


Jackie McNeilly, one of our talentedvolunteers, commented about our voter registrations, "I made it my mission to gethigh school students registered to vote. It wasn't easy, but every conversationand form filled out felt like a victory. Seeing the students embrace their roleas voters was incredibly rewarding. It wasn't just about filling out a form, itwas about shaping our future together.”


Our efforts continue with follow-up emails tohelp students make a voting plan, give voting deadlines and other votingresources to prepare them to vote November 5.  Many students were able tovote in the Primary election in March.  We will have another voterregistration at Elmwood Park High School on May 22 and look to return to D207high schools in the fall.  We will be engaged in Get Out the Voteactivities as we prepare for the General Election.  If you would liketo become a deputy registrar, suggest a voter registration event or have otherquestions, please contact Karen Yee Reid or ChrisParson.