Sustainability Commission Success

February 24, 2021

Below, Tim Milburn, Chairman of the Sustainability Task Force, sends his thanks to those who let the City Council know that they supported making the Task Force a Commission and attended the meeting February 22, 2021.  


For those that were not able to attend last night’s COW meeting, the prospect of a Sustainability Commission was discussed for about 45 minutes.  This included a thorough review of how this would work, who would be involved, budget constraints, etc.  

All the Aldermen, the Mayor, City Manager and Director of Community Preservation and Planning wholeheartedly support the formation of a Sustainability Commission!

The next step will be for an Ordinance to be created and reviewed at a City Council meeting, likely in early March. 

Once the ordinance and a supporting mission are agreed upon, the commission would be formed.  This would involve an application and interview process to select likely 7 or 9 members.

I wanted to thank all of you again for all your hard work to get us to the next step in this adventure.

Stay tuned,